Our Team

Our team demonstrates an average term of service of 7.5 years across the company which ensures for our clients consistency, productivity and a smile to go with it. In short you may very well deal with the same property professional on your next property transaction.

So here is our team together with a little insight into their personalities.

Company Directors

Bryan Connellan, Caroline Henderson
Bryan Connellan, Caroline Henderson
01536 417888
Caroline, originally from Dundee, Scotland and Bryan born and raised in Northamptonshire, both trained in London where they were awarded ‘Office of the Year’ in 1988 by the UK’s largest estate agency chain. They later worked in Sydney for one of Australia’s leading independent estate agents where their understanding of the most advanced selling techniques in the industry have guided Henderson Connellan to achieve ever greater levels of personal service and innovation in the marketing and advertising of property.

“We wanted a company that would be both exciting and stylish in how it sold property and one that was founded upon an ethic of hard work and an unyielding commitment to our clients” Our first slogan was “it’s time for change” and back in 1993 the response to our new approach was fantastic. Today we are still changing and improving and are proud to represent our clients’ interests in selling property.

Caroline and Bryan have a sports mad son and they enjoy playing golf together while Bryan also plays the rock guitar with aspirations to be 10% as good as Stevie Ray Vaughan! Their favourite restaurant is Thai Gardens, Rothwell.


Lee Adams
Lee Adams 01536 409717
Phil Caldwell
Phil Caldwell 01536 409717
Christie Taylor
Senior Sales Negotiator
Christie Taylor 01536 409717
Will Thomas
Sales Negotiator
Will Thomas 01536 409717
Carina Ross
Lettings Manager
Carina Ross 01536 409717
Laura Clark
Lettings Consultant
Laura Clark 01536 409717
Claire Mossop
Lettings Administrator
Claire Mossop 01536 409717
Rebecca Shears
Lettings Consultant
Rebecca Shears 01536 409717
Linda Hardacre
Office Administrator
Linda Hardacre 01536 409717


James Smith
James Smith 01536 417888
Jessica Deacon
Sales Manager
Jessica Deacon 01536 417888
Sam Shackleton
Valuation Manager
Sam Shackleton 01536 417888
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 01536 417888
Giorgia Macoretta
Senior Sales Negotiator
Giorgia Macoretta 01536 417888
Callum Brown
Sales Negotiator
Callum Brown 01536 417888
Emma Glithero
After Sales Care and Sales Progression
Emma Glithero 01536 417888
Victoria Davidson
Property Management
Victoria Davidson 01536 416555
Laura Tolton
Property Management
Laura Tolton 01536 416555
Carrie Nerney
Lettings Director
Carrie Nerney 01536 416555
Emily McGowan
Lettings Administrator
Emily McGowan 01536 416555
Connie Green
Lettings Negotiator
Connie Green 01536 416555
Symonne Mead
Property Management
Symonne Mead 01536 417888

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